Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poncho's Story Will Steal Your Heart

This story is an amazing one because it exemplifies what San Felipe faces daily.  It is most amazing because it has an incredible happy ending.  Poncho was rescued by Mychel Tortorelli one night.  While driving down a dark alley, Mychel heard noises and saw that a small puppy was being mangled by other street dogs.  He took the helpless and wounded animal home with him to save him from the horrors of mutilation and death.  He did not expect the pup to make it through the night.  After a phone call to friend, Mark Dille, a fervent, local animal advocate, Mychel woke up to not death but a paw extended in a morning greeting.  That started a lifelong friendship.  Happily, Poncho is now a pampered pup with a Veronica Lake hairdo (it covers a disfigured eye from the attack); a rhinestone studded collar designed by B. B. Simon; and a fluffy poodle coat.  He is a jetsetter but more so a true testament to the beauty of animal compassion and rescue.  Sparkle Poncho!

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